My Child Has Food Allergies?! -Starting Places

This post is for my kids, for those who care for them, and for all of you who are just getting started and feeling overwhelmed with providing safe alternatives for someone you love who has food allergies.

I’ve discovered a lot of resources in my 10 years as a food allergy Mom.  For those of you who are also milk, egg, and peanut allergic, if you have any to add- many thanks for sharing!

1.  Of course, of course, of course- you should see a doctor and learn from them all you can about how to care for your loved one with food allergies.  Then, I suggest exploring the many fabulous resources provided by national organizations such as FARE and Kids with Food Allergies.  If you haven’t yet viewed my Resources Page, please explore the bounty of great information found on the linked pages there.

2.  We are milk, egg, and peanut allergic.  Since vegan recipes avoid animal products like milk and eggs, for us, vegan resources would be a good place to start, but **be sure to avoid products that may contain nuts.  Some great vegan blogs I’ve found (and hope to add to) include:

Or how about this list of “main stream” goodies that are “accidentally vegan”:

3.  Social media!  This year, I have discovered some awesome support groups on Facebook with Moms like me that share recipes and all sorts of great tips for living with food allergies.  They may or may not have the exact allergies you do, but again, it is a starting point.  Some of them are “closed” groups, so you will have to request membership from the admins.  Some examples you can search for on facebook are: “No Nuts Moms Group Support Group and Forum”, “Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy- Safe Food Finds“, “Deliciously Dairy Free”, “Multiple Food Allergies R Us”.   I also find tons of recipes that are a good fit for us or can be modified to meet our needs on Pinterest.  Here is a link to my “allergy friendly” board, where I “pin” things that I want to try later or even links I’ve created to my own recipes to share with others.

You can also find others who “eat like you do” on

4.  Snack Safely.  Their primary service is the publication of the Safe Snack Guide, a catolog of snacks free of specific allergens (currentlly peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs). They also partner with several manufacturers in compiling this list.  Tons of great information, including the Safe Snack Guide, can be found at

5.  Blogs like us! 🙂  I have been so happy to discover other people, blogging their hearts out right along with me, sharing their experiences and recipes with others in the same boat.  These bloggers avoid all or at least some of the same allergens we do.   Again- a great starting point.  And remember, like myself and many of these bloggers disclaim: always do your own homework.

Phew!  After jotting all those down, I can’t believe there are so many!  What a blessing!  If you have a food allergy blog that I haven’t mentioned here, especially for milk, egg, and/or peanut allergies, please share!  I would love to “meet” you.  Thank goodness for internet “connectivity”.  🙂








8 thoughts on “My Child Has Food Allergies?! -Starting Places

  1. Great post! My blog is also about feeding children with allergies – all recipes are free from milk, eggs, nuts, peanuts and sesame (our needs), lots are also free from soya, gluten, fish, shellfish

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